Heigh Ho Heigh Ho…

Off to Africa I go! Yes, I am headed to Africa for two weeks this summer! I am going to give y’all a brief overview of my life since my last blog and then talk about my super awesome journey I will be taking this summer!

I am near the end of my second year in college. Since I will soon be done with taking classes at CPCC, I had to decide where I would go to finish my degree. I had already been preparing for this moment; I spent a lot of time in reflection over the summer and took some time to visit colleges. I have now found where I hope to make my true home away from home. I am excited to say that I will complete my Elementary Education degree at Appalachian State University. I am looking forward to this new season in my life, such as finding new friends, housing, church, and so much more. I’m so ready to pour into this new community that I will be apart of!

I had a really great first semester this past year. I was nominated to be apart of the honor society Phi Theta Kappa and made the dean’s list. These were two huge accomplishments in my academic career. In high school I was never the person who excelled in education and to be honest, I didn’t have the drive like I do now. Because of that, my grades suffered in high school. I had a super high first semester, but once I returned for the spring semester I have been suffering. I really struggled to get back in the swing of things and I became hateful towards my education. I found myself in a deep slump. I was so thankful to have a much-needed Spring Break! I was able to use the time to just rest and not think about the next assignment that was due. I can say that since being back to classes and back to my daily routine, I am back to enjoying classes and excelling in my classes!

Now to the stuff you really want to read about..:P

I am heading to Kenya, Africa around July 15th and will be there until July 29th.  I am working with an organization called International Volunteer HQ. While there, I will be volunteering at a school. I will mainly be a teacher assistant in either a government school or a community school, in the city of Nairobi. There is a classroom between Kindergarten up to 5th grade, which is where I will be working most of the time. I’m so excited because while I am there I will be living with a family in the community and a few other volunteers.

So, most of you have figured out that this organization is not a Christian organization. I am seeing it as an opportunity to share the love of Christ, such as sharing His love in the classroom, the home I’ll be living in, among the other volunteers, and during any extracurricular activities. My passion in life is to see every child have the same educational opportunities that I have had over the many years. I know that this is only a two-week trip, but so much can happen during these two weeks. This trip might be a trip to just plant a seed in a classroom or the family’s life I am going to be staying with. 1 Corinthians 3:6-7 says, “I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God has been making it grow. So neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow.” God will grow these seeds after I am gone. I fully believe that God has somebody prepared to go after me, to water these seeds.

Now that you have gotten a little bit of my vision for my trip and also what I will be doing, I would like to first off ask you for your prayers. This is my main focal point right now.

Prayer Request:

  • For the Lord to continue to prepare my heart for this trip.
  • For Him to soften the hearts of the community I will be surrounded by.
  • For boldness to speak when the Holy Spirit leads me to.
  • For peace and comfort while preparing and also while I am there.

These are just a few that were on my mind right away.

I am raising financial support for this trip. The most expensive part of my trip is going to be airfare. I do have a program fee that covers my housing, meals, transportation and an on ground point person while there. The program fee is $370 for the two weeks I will be there. I’m really hoping to get my flight for less than $2,000. These are the only 2 main expenses I will have. I will also need to get a travel visa, insurance and vaccinations.

The first fundraiser I am doing that all proceeds will go to this trip is a t-shirt. I will put a picture below. They are $20 and I hope to put the order in by the beginning of May. I would love to sell 50 t-shirts! This is just a personal goal for me. If you are interested in buying one you can get in touch with me the easiest way possible for you. If you live a distance away from me, I am willing to ship you the shirt! J

Email: kylee.henneman@gmail.com

Phone: Call/Text – 704-626-8722

You can comment on this blog or however is easiest for you!

THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for your continued prayers and support! I am so thankful for each of you!

Below is the shirt!

Kylee Henneman Shirt 2

The End

For now at least. Well guys, this will be my final blog about this summer in Nicaragua! I’m sure I will write here and there, but not as much as I did this past summer.

I first want to thank each and every one of you for your prayers, financial support, and also for the encouragement you have poured out to me over the year. It has meant so much to me and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it!

I can’t believe eight weeks has come and gone just like that; my time in Nicaragua went a lot faster than I had anticipated. I went in with a sense of peace knowing that the Lord was going to be with me every step of the way, while also having flashbacks to my college experience of leaving for Mars Hill and coming home the next day. Going to Nicaragua was a huge leap of faith for me. I was trusting God and he definitely showed up during the planning period, while I was there, and even now after Nicaragua. I honestly expected that I would be homesick and that the time would pass by super slow because I was counting down the days to go home. God had something totally different in store for me. He told me, “Do not fear for I am with you.” I never felt uneasy about anything.

Once I got adjusted to Nica and got my schedule organized, I hit the ground running. The first few tutoring lessons were rough; rough in a way of not knowing the language, not being comfortable, and having to put myself out of my comfort zone. This led me to become frustrated and uncertain of what to do. I struggled with fear for the first couple of weeks, which hindered me from learning the language and I realized that I needed boldness to speak. It was such a simple concept; it should have been so easy. The fear didn’t come from being afraid of what people were going to say, failure, or of them to not being able to understand what I was trying to say. I began praying for God to give me boldness to speak; it didn’t matter if it was a simple sentence or something I wanted to express to a child in tutoring, I just needed to speak. The Lord gave me the boldness to speak and all my fears of failing were gone! Cadence and Lisa always told me you only get out as much as you put in. I am still not where I would like to be, but I’m speaking and forming thoughts.

Isaiah 41:10 says, “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

Week six was probably my hardest week while in Nicaragua. The week started off so good because I was able to welcome the team that came from my home church on Friday. It was great to be able to see and catch up with them. Monday and Tuesday are our off days, so during the sixth week, we went volcano boarding on Monday. It was again super awesome! After volcano boarding we headed to the beach for a day to relax. The team, the other interns, Lisa, Cadence, and I went to dinner at Hollywood pizza, which was a great time of fellowship. After all the fun, Lisa and I stayed in Leon for the night because on Tuesday we were headed to Managua for Lydia’s doctor’s appointment.

I have talked about Lydia in past blogs, but incase you missed them Lydia is a little girl I tutored on Thursday afternoons. She lives in Santa Matilda and was diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome two years ago. Lisa and I got up early on Tuesday morning to head to Managua. It was about a two-hour bus ride. We got to the hospital and only one of us were able to go back to see Lydia. I sat in the waiting room so Lisa could go back and understand what the doctor was telling Lydia’s mom. While in the waiting room, I prayed for Jesus’ healing in this little girl’s life…that he would heal and protect her. After about an hour, Lisa, Lydia, and Lydia’s mom came out and needed to get her medicine. After getting her medicines, we were headed to the bus terminal to hop on a bus to return back to Chichigalpa.

On the bus ride, Lisa and I had our one-on-one, and I asked Lisa how the appointment went. She told me it didn’t go well and told me that the doctors said her kidneys were shutting down and only 38% is functioning. She said that better nutrition at home would slow down the process and give Lydia another 4-5 years before going on dialysis and a kidney transplant. If nutrition does not change then she will need a transplant within a year or two. After hearing these news, I was heart broken and did not understand. How could anybody ever tell a seven year old they most likely would not make it to their 10th birthday? It isn’t something you think about. I ask for you help. I want you to join me in praying for Lydia. Pray for healing in Jesus’ name and that she will continue to find joy. She is so near and dear to my heart.

On Wednesday we did tutoring in Nuevo Amonocer and went to youth. On Thursday we had our worship with everybody that was there. Those past few days were rough and I got very little sleep. Those past few days I had a headache and if you know me, you know that is a scary time for me. I told Emily and Jen the story in the beginning of the summer and they both told me to tell them when it happens. I tried to wait two days to let it subside on its own without having to tell anybody, but it never did. I ended up telling Emily and Jen Thursday morning. During family worship, I noticed this crazy rash that was itchy and all over me. After worship, I told Cadence about the headache and the rash. We decided it would be best for me to stay home from ministry and rest. I was so sad because Thursdays are my days to be with Lydia. All I wanted to do was go and hear her joyful laugh and play with her, but I was not able to. I ended up having to take two more days of ministry off and had to make a visit to the clinic.

I have a lot of favorite stories but the one I am about to tell is probably one of the top three. It was on of the last couple tutoring Wednesdays at Nuevo Amanacer. Berto and I were ending our tutoring session and he was showing me something on his white board. I was trying so hard to understand what he was telling me, but I honestly had no idea. I realized later that he was showing me how to count numbers by ten. During the time he was showing me and trying to explain, he was being so encouraging and never gave up trying to teach me. It made me so happy to see him have that passion of trying to teach me what he was learning in the classroom. I wish I could tell this story better but it was one you either had to see a video or be there in person.

Thank you guys so much again for your love and support! It means so much to me! I know this blog doesn’t sum up my whole trip because if it did, it would be a million pages long. With that being said, if you would like to hear more about my time while being there just ask. I am so willing to share everything with you.

You may contact me via email or cell phone.

Email: kylee.henneman@gmail.com

Cell number: 704-626-8722


I will also be speaking at my church as a whole at some point. I am not sure when yet. Brittani Banks will be speaking with me. She was on the World Race 3n9 this past years. We are still trying to figure out a date!


Prayer Request

  • A continual smooth transition/ time of processing
  • For The Lord to guide me
  • Lydia and her family.
  • The villages I was in.
  • Cadence and Lisa (The two awesome ladies who led the internship. They are over the sponsorship program)


Berto and I at our final tutoring session in Nuevo Amonocer!


Our last day for craft time! The kids made binoculars and we went on a nature walk!


Sweet Lydia!


Jen, Praying Rosa and I. This woman was so dedicated to God and her community.

Time Is Flying

I am sorry I have not updated y’all as much as I had planned, so this post might be a bit crazy but it will for sure be exciting! I sent a video out last week to those on my email list, so I hope you received it and were able to watch it.When I get back to the states I will put together a video of my overall time here.

I have been so busy here. I realized the other day that I am about to enter week 5 of my time here! Time is really flying by here! We are continuing with our normal schedules that week have. Wednesday afternoons are filled with love and laughter as I bike to Nuevo Amanacer to do tutoring. Wednesday evenings are for youth. Two weeks ago while biking home from youth rainy season welcomed us with a nice shower. Thursday mornings we do a worship with all the full time staff, interns and if there is a short-term team(whenever they are here). Thursday afternoons we go into Santa Matilda and I tutor the same girl each week. She is so precious and I love her sweet smile. Friday mornings we go prayer walking with Praying Rosa through the village. Last week Rosa was not able to leas us so we were able to do our own thing. We all split up and went out doing different things. I decided to go to the same spots we go each week and I ended up asking a lady who was here for a month if she would like to join me while praying and she came along with me. It’s a small world down here because the lady is also from Charlotte.

Friday afternoons are filled with hugs and smiles when you tell a child their artwork is muy boñita! Jen and I plan a craft for the kids in the village.

Saturdays are our days to plan This past Saturday I decided it might be good to get to know these girls outside of ministry, so Jen and I got together over a Chai latte that we made. It was really good for both of our first time ever making one! Her and I just had a sweet time together and really got to know each other on a level outside of ministry.

This past Sunday I had my one-on-one with Lisa. This is a time to talk about anything and everything for each upcoming week and how we are doing emotionally, mentally and spiritually This past Sunday they started Sunday School back up after not having it for a month in order to  to do an in depth training with the teachers from both Nuevo Amanacer and Candelaria.

I am learning that while on a somewhat long-term trip that you do not get the accomplishments as you would on a week long trip. This has probably been the hardest thing for me to realize because that is what I am used to. One of the first weeks tutoring in Nuevo Amanacer I went to the little boy’s house who I am tutoring one-on-one. He knew his whole alphabet, could spell all the words I was dictating to him to spell and even do math that a second grader was supposed to be able to do. I talked with Lisa after about how great he was doing and she thought the same thing. To prepare for the next week I talked to Lisa about what more I could do with him. She gave me some great ideas like having him draw a picture of what he was reading so I could see if he was actually understanding what he was reading. The next Wednesday came around and I was so excited for these new plans to come into play. When I got there I was greeted with a HUGE hug and a sweet smile and told him that I was there for tutoring. He gave me a chair and we got out the whiteboards. I asked him to write out the alphabet: he tried his hardest to, but was just unable to get it. After we struggled through that and many frustrations I decided to try what we had talked about doing with him: drawing the picture of what he would read. I explained it the best I could to him with what Spanish I know. I tried telling him to draw a picture of a rain shower. He did not understand and instead wrote out the words rain shower. After a couple of tries explaining that I wanted a picture not the word I asked Jen who also comes to the same home, but to tutor one of kid’s family members, I asked her to try and explain it so she told him to draw a picture of what he read, but he still did not understand what to do. I decided to to show him an example of what I wanted. He understood what I was showing him, so I erased my board and asked him to draw a picture of a rain shower. He then drew a picture the same exact thing I drew, so it was not showing me that really understood anything.

During that time, I continued to let myself get frustrated. I had a mindset of what he needed to get accomplished for me to be successful, but I never looked at why I was there. I was there to see him improve for the next 7 weeks not just one week. I feel that when we go on these short term mission trips we get tangled up in what we need to report back to our church, supporters or anybody else you will talk to. I needed to realize that if reporting back to a church, supporter or anybody else that y’all would be just as happy to hear that I was able to form a relationship and just love on him. It is not only about making sure he understands what he is reading or knows all his numbers. I want him to know that he is loved by our Lord and Savior and also by me. I will be there every Wednesday to encourage him and to tell him that he is and will succeed in school and in life.

I am really getting in the swing of tutoring. Each tutoring session I do is about 45 minutes of reading and/or writing and then I do about 15 minutes of math. I do reading at the beginning most days because kids dread reading and writing. Some times getting them to do it is like pulling teeth! The kids I’m working with are great each week. We have a set group of kids we have each week, but sometimes that child does not show up and we then we get placed with other kids or just observe other groups. On Sunday afternoons I got to a girl’s back yard and yell for her as if I was telling her dinner was ready, but I just tell her to come to class. I am really enjoying the kids down here and am doing something I am passionate about: seeing every kids have a chance to be educated and succeed in life. Tutoring these kids is just a small thing to the big picture, but it is giving me so much joy to be able to be down here to tutor and love on the kids.

As most of you know I am a huge extrovert. I hate not being around people and a lot of times my time with Jesus has been on hold because of it. Meaning I just would not set aside the time to spend with him and meditate on what he is trying to show me. In one of the first couple of weeks I had my one-on-one with Lisa and I we started talking about it. I told her about how I was struggling with insecurities of feeling left out and just felt like I was not being included. Some times the enemy can put crazy thoughts in my head. What really was going on was I needed to be spending that alone time with The Lord and really seeking what he was trying to tell me. I started praying for God to be my one and only, because all I really needed was him. If I was the only person on this Earth all I would need would be Him. I would not need anyone to make me happy, or to give me company. I still am a huge extrovert and love being with people and spending that time with them, but I don’t want that to be my sustainer I want Jesus to be my one and only.

Prayer Request

  • That God continues to show himself to me during this time here
  • For the relationships to continue to grown
  • For each of the kids that I tutor

Tutoring on Sundays


Craft time on Fridays


Tutoring in Santa Matilda on Thursdays!13346167_10157065942485204_2996424426587140353_o

You Make Me Brave

God is showing me so much already and I am only a week and a half in. I am so excited to see what his plans are for me and how I will be able to fill the villages with joy and passion. In this first week, we have now completed three different tutoring sessions in three of the five different villages, one youth night, one weekend off from ministry, two family night, which is when all the missionaries get together for games and worship, and so much more.

God is showing me that he is the sustainer and that he is constant even in the trials of missing home or friends. I am realizing that He is enough for me where ever I am. In First Peter it promises us that God has called us into eternal glory and that we very well might suffer for a little while, but he will make us strong, firm and steadfast.

There have been so many firsts in this past week; it has been crazy, but I am loving learning new things. Since I have been here many times, you would think I would already know a lot and would have pretty much done everything. I learned that I haven’t because coming with a group is totally different than staying for an internship for two months. I’m learning that I have to take my laundry to someone in the village, grocery shop for a week and to provide a meal or two for my house, public transportation which is the biggest one I’m learning, going to the bank to get out money for a month, and the list goes on and on.

On Friday we got our schedules which was super exciting! Monday and Tuesday are our days off. On Wednesday, we had one of our weekly meetings with Cadence and Lisa to get a recap and for them to really just take an hour or so to pour into us and pray for each one of us; that afternoon, we went to Nuevo Amanacer. Jen and I will be tutoring to two kids individually and Emily will be spending time with a family and pouring into them. Wednesday evenings we go to youth; some weeks we will prepare and other weeks we will just be there. On Thursday mornings we have family worship, so we will have worship and also be going through a chapter of Micah each week. On Thursday afternoons we going to a village called Santa Matilde. Each of us will be tutoring in all different kinds of ways. Thursday evenings we have family night, so we have dinner together and then we play games. It is a super fun night and a lot of fellowship between the staff and interns. Fridays, we go out with Praying Rosa, a woman who lives in Candelaria and has a heart for her village. She is consistently going to people’s homes and praying for them. On Saturdays we are able to plan our own ministry for that day. What I hope to do is to go to La Isla and do something there, whether it be tutoring or just a fun activity for kids. In the afternoon, I will most likely be visiting with my sponsor child and pouring into her family. Sunday mornings we will be sitting in on a Sunday School training in Candelaria and in the afternoons, we have tutoring for the kids in Candelaria.

I am really loving ministry here and am really enjoying what The Lord is showing me here. I am also really thankful for the girls that are roommates and forever friends. They each have precious qualities about them. I am super excited to continue sharing with each one of you about what I am learning and seeing, and how God will continue to move.


Prayer Request

Getting adjusted smoothly. I am only ten days in

To fully rely on God when I miss home.

To have the right techniques and word while tutoring.

The knowledge and time to study and learn the language

Wheels Up

I can’t believe this day has come so fast! I was talking to a friend last night about the journey to this amazing point! Just like I shared in my first blog, I started praying about how God could use me in a much bigger way than just my week long mission trip every summer. From that day God has molded this plan into something beautiful, something I could not have even imagined.  This past month has been crazy; I have been trying to see all of my dear friends at college, see family, and spend quality time with my mom. I can officially say that I have said see ya later to everybody that I needed to and I am good to go!

As most of you know, I did not even make it two days at college, so it is crazy to think that I am now flying 1400 miles to a totally different country, for much longer than a week. Honestly, during this past month I have been telling everyone that I would most likely have a few break downs then I’d be fine. I was so prepared for the emotions, and they did come, just not in the way I was expecting them to. It was a weird sense that this is exactly what I am supposed to be doing. My soul has found its rest in Jesus and in following his plan for me.

Thank you for all of your prayers, love and support. It means so much to me. This amazing journey is just getting to the climax, so hang on! I am so excited to be getting on my final flight in just a couple hours and finally be in Nicaragua. I will update you as soon as I have Wi-Fi and a minute to breath, so it might be tomorrow. Through these blogs I hope you’re able to see how the Lord is moving in great ways in Nicaragua and in the villages! I am so ready to love on those kiddos and their families. 


Prayer Request:

Continual safe travels

To get adjusted to life in Nicaragua

For the communities and families who I will be working with


I will have more prayer requests once I get in the communities!13178713_10209819860678312_1137978293834351547_n

You’re a Good, Good Father

That is just what He is: a good, good father! In this blog I hope to show you why.  I am now less than two months from departure day to Nica! YAY!! It is almost here and I cannot believe how fast time has gone by! In my last blog, I talked about fundraising for my trip. I am excited to share with y’all that  I am now completely funded! I am so thankful for everyone who prayed for me during this time and also for the people who gave financially.

Since I last wrote a blog I enjoyed my birthday in February. This was the first time, in three years, of not being in the hospital on my birthday! I also hit my one-year mark of being headache free, If you know the story, you know I have waited soooo long for that day! On my birthday, I was able to spend time with my closest friends and family.

Another exciting event that has happened since my last blog is that I had spring break this past week and it was amazing!! I went with a small group of seven down to Nica; The team was made up of my youth pastor, children’s minister, two friends from college and a couple who works with the youth. Our team did Sunday school training, In which we traveled to my favorite four villages and trained youth and adults on Sunday school material. Each person of the team had different parts in the training and then, on other areas, we worked together. During the trip, we got to see the progress on Lisa’s Abide house; It looks AMAZING!!! It has changed so much from the last time I was there in June. It now has walls on the second floor and part of a roof.  I also used this trip to get some questions answered about my internship; I am super grateful for the time I was able to spend with Cadence and Lisa.

Classes have now started back; I am so ready to get these classes out of the way and begin my adventure in Nica over the summer. We only have seven more weeks until exams start, which means I am more than half way there!


I hope that you enjoy the video of the my recent trip to Nica!!


Prayer Requests

  • To finish strong in my classes
  • For the other girls who are preparing for the internship
  • The villages where I will be working this summer and kids
  • The preparations for the trip



Let the FUNdraising Begin!

It has been a while since I have written about my upcoming trip. Please forgive me. I have been so busy with the holidays, school starting back and so many other things.

I had a great time with my family over the holidays. I spent Thanksgiving with my mom and dear friends of mine. Of course I got so full I felt like I was going to burst and got many great deals on Black Friday. Christmas was a very busy time for me since I started a new job and got seeing ALL of my family. I went to my dad’s for his and my step mom’s annual Christmas Eve party and had a great time seeing all of that side of my family. On Christmas morning, I was with my mom and immediate family on her side, and then I went over to my grandparents’ on my dad’s side in the evening. The following day I went to my aunt’s house to do Christmas with my extended family on my mom’s side. After all the celebrating, the chaos was all over! I rang in the New Year with my closest friends; it was a great time. After the New Year, I went full swing into getting letters written and planning how I was going to raise the money for my upcoming trip to Nicaragua. Until I leave for the trip I will continue taking classes at CPCC. I am really enjoying all my classes so far! Since classes are now back in session reality has hit.

I have decided to have a baked spaghetti dinner on February 6th from 6-8pm in order to raise money. I will be talking about what I will be doing there, my goals while I’m there and many other things! I hope that all of you will be able to make it. I am looking forward to sharing with all of you! The dinner will be held at my home church, Idlewild Baptist in Matthews, N.C. I have also decided to have a yard sale once it warms up. I will have more details on that once the time gets closer!

I am thrilled to share with you that I have received an email from Cadence and Lisa, the people who are over the sponsorship internship! I found out who I will be working with and a little bit of what I’ll be doing. I will be working with four other girls; they are all from different places. I am so excited to get to know them and to be working with them in a few short months! In addition to finding out who I will be living with, I also found out a little bit of what we are going to be doing. Some of the things include: tutoring, prayer walking, English lessons, children’s ministry, teacher training, and many other things. The things we will be doing will most likely change on a day-to-day basis. So, I am not sure what each day will look like until I get there.

I will be updating you on prayer requests on each blog. I’m sure I will have many more as time goes on!

Thank you guys for your continual prayers and sweet thoughts! They are very appreciated! Again, if you have any questions, please just ask. My email is kylee.henneman@gmail.com.


Prayer Requests for right now:


  • The other girls who I will be working with during this internship
  • For the funds to be raised
  • For the dinner to be a success


REMINDER: My mission dinner will on Saturday , February 6th from 6-8pm at Idlewild Baptist Church (12701 Idlewild Rd. Matthews, N.C 28105)


My Dad and his wife’s annual Christmas Eve party.


My mom’s side of the family Thanksgiving.12240418_10208447366526816_6199761893296763960_o

My dear friends and I on Thanksgiving.12309464_10208472089064864_5154073577157917019_o-1

My mom, sister and I on Christmas morning.IMG_3003

New Year’s with close friends!IMG_3094